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EPIC Insurance Midwest

Salem Insurance is now EPIC Insurance Midwest. Operating as one EPIC company, you can find information about our shared capabilities, and the additional resources available to our clients, on

Regardless of the name, our commitment to our clients has never changed and that’s exactly what you can continue to expect.

We are confident that our current and future clients will find nothing but upside for their organization.

Access to a breadth of additional product offerings and specialty areas
Added leverage with crucial insurance companies
Enhanced use of technology with a focus on innovation and products that drive solutions for the future
You will still be working with the same faces and experience the same day-to-day dedication to customer service
We joined EPIC on July 1, 2021, with high expectations for our team members and our clients based upon the broad range of talents, expertise, and proprietary offerings that EPIC has around the Midwest and nationwide. We have seen this come to life through each step in our joining with EPIC. Salem has become part of the EPIC Midwest hub. Our leadership team is embedded in the EPIC leadership team so that we participate directly in all decisions impacting your needs and best interests.

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